Documenting Details off the Floor in MCtime (Manager Version)

Scenario: Your employee was detailed off the floor for part of a shift. You are now reviewing the timecard in MCtime.

Background: The department is now tracking details off the floor in MCtime, so that we can associate a dollar figure with the overtime required to backfill the detail. Also, any request for details will now be entered in a separate form and approved (or not) by a division chief. The approval form includes a specific reason code, as noted in the following process. See the bottom of this TechTip for a sample approval Click here to view the employee side of this TechTip.

The Timecard:

Timecard with Code for Detail and OT




The Explanation:

  • The first line (Hours Worked with a Transfer code) was originally 24 hours on Monday and was the employee’s normal shift.
  • The employee was detailed off the floor (dayside) to EMS at PSHQ and told to use FRS060EA as the Reason Code.
  • The second line, on Monday, shows ten hours for the detail toward the Reason Code.
  • The second line, on Wednesday, shows five hours in which the employee worked overtime using the same Reason Code.


  • Do not assume that anything with a Reason Code is overtime; moving forward, that is no longer a safe assumption.
  • Take note of the Totals & Schedule tab in MCtime. As noted in the two screenshots below, Total Hrs Toward Schedule will be broken up by code. The first screenshot is for the daily view (10 hours and 14 hours) and the second screenshot is for the entire pay period (10 hours and 86 hours).

    Daily View:
    Totals & Schedule Tab


    Totals & Schedule Tab