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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers). If you have additional questions, please contact Jeff Feiertag, MCFRS Technology Training Coordinator by phone (240.777.2460) or via e-mail (


Where is the training located? (top)

Specifics on tech training is as follows:

  • 800 MHz Intro training is conducted at PSHQ in the tech training lab. Occasional remote classes are offered and students will be aware of the location change at the time of registration.
  • FireApp (FA) classes are on-line and the assessment tests take place in Training Lab 2 in in the tech training suite of PSHQ. No classes are held off-site.
  • Desktop applications classes (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are conducted in Training Lab 2 in the tech training suite of PSHQ (100 Edison Park Drive) or desk-side for career and civilian personnel.

How long do classes run for a given session and may I leave early if I want to do so? (top)

At present, virtually all classes are half-day sessions. (Some classes may run back-to-back with lunch in between, but all students know the times of classes when they register.)

While each instructor has some flex built in for the class times, that flex is based solely upon class dynamics and student ability. Students who wish to leave early may do so, but will not likely be checked off as having completed the course.

May I register for a course without creating a website account? (top)

Maybe. Career personnel are detailed to classes for some projects and need not register for classes, as they have no say in when they are to participate. Volunteer personnel are required to register via the website and must create website accounts to do so.

Do I have to have a County e-mail account to create a website account? (top)

No. Any valid e-mail address will do. We do not give out the e-mail account addresses; they are used solely for the purposes for MCFRS Technology Training. Course confirmations and cancellation will be sent to the address you use.

Do students walk away from the class with written end-user materials? (top)

Rarely. Given modern technology, we have moved past regular printing of end-user materials. Such materials are generally available on the tech training website and more are being developed on an on-going basis. Students are welcome to bring paper and pencils/pens but not required to do so.

What is the walk-in policy for technology training? (top)

Registration may not occur within seven (7) days of a given class; the website will only reflect classes beyond seven days.

Anyone who is unable to register in a class due to the seven-day window may attempt to act as a walk-in for that class. The instructors may accept walk-ins if seats are available after the posted class start time. All walk-in seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. No one will be admitted to a class 15 minutes or more after the posted start-time, registered or walk-in.

I'm logged in with my website account. How do I register? (top)

Ensure that you are logged in -- you should see logged in as [your e-mail address] at the top of the page in the purple stripe.

Click the yellow box (Quick Registration).

Select the date and time of the course you would like to take. Register for each course once a a time.