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Security Requirement

Since MCFRS Technology Training classes are open to any member of the organization and walk-ins are regularly permitted and encouraged, the possibility exists that someone who should not be present could attend class. Understanding of technology (as well as specific MCFRS procedures) may be used against the organization itself in extreme circumstances. This concern is most notable with the radios and mobile data computers.

Given this reality, students should be prepared to prove they are members of the organization for required technology training classes.

Even to access PSHQ, students will need to enter through the main doors. All students must sign in at the guard's desk. If a student registered for a course or assessment test, his/her name should be on a pre-approved list at the security desk. Personnel on that list may swap a driver's license or county ID card for a temporary badge that will allow him/her to access the tech training suite without an escort. This will also allow the student to leave the suite and use the restroom during class as needed. (Note: If using a county ID card for this swap, please note that it must be a standard MCFRS ID card and not an LFRD ID.)

In the classroom, an instructor may turn away any student who is unable to provide one of the following prior to class:

  • MCFRS ID Card (career or volunteer)
  • Signed letter from member's LFRD Chief indicating that the student is a member of the organization (volunteer)
  • LFRD-assigned ID Card

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Jeff Feiertag (IT Training Coordinator) at 240.777.2460.