Creating a SeamlessDocs Account to Save Forms You Are Completing

If you are filling out forms for the department (and not creating them; that’s different), you may want to create an account in SeamlessDocs so that you may save your place in a form and return to it later. Here are the steps you need to take. We recommend you follow this procedure before starting to fill out a form:

Open a form you would like to fill out and submit.

Find and click the Save button (located in different places in different browsers, but most often in the lower-left corner of the screen).
SeamlessDocs Save Button



Note the alert that pops up, telling you to save your work.

Save Your Work Dialog Box






Click the Save Your Work button.

Find the Register Now button and click it to proceed.Register Now Button


Fill in the form with the information requested. Neither Montgomery County Government nor MCFRS will have access to this password.SeamlessDocs registration Form 1








Click the Register Now button.

Open your e-mail and click the yellow button to access your SeamlessDocs account.

Log in with the e-mail address as username and the password you just created. Click the Login button.

Return to your e-mail account (if prompted, which usually only happens the first time) to verify your SD account. Click the Verify E-Mail button in the e-mail message you receive.

Note that SeamlessDocs loads and takes you to a general area, instead of going directly back to the form you were filling out earlier. Find the My Submissions listing on the left side of the screen.

My Submissions






Click the Incomplete link to see which form(s) you have begun but not yet submitted.

Double-click the name of the form and fill out your form. Save your work as often as you wish.

Remember to log out of SeamlessDocs when you are finished. The Log Out link is found by clicking the File menu at the top-left of the screen.