Creating a Chart Using Excel: Using the Ribbon

To Create a Chart in Excel Using the Ribbon:

  • Choose the data on the Excel worksheet that you want to include in your chart.
  • Choose the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
  • Choose Recommended Charts on the Ribbon under the Insert tab.  An Insert Chart dialog box will display on your screen.
  • Choose a chart from the Recommended Charts or choose All Charts to see the entire library of charts.
  • Choose OK.  A chart will be created and placed in your Excel worksheet.  A Chart Tool tab will also appear on your Ribbon.
    • The Chart Tool tab will allow you to add options to your chart including titles, apply filters, or change the look of your chart.

Adding a Chart to a PowerPoint Slide

When you add a chart to a slide, PowerPoint will automatically open an Excel window so you can enter the data to be applied to the chart.


To Add a Chart to a Slide:

  • Choose the slide to which you would like to add a chart.
  • Choose the Insert Chart icon that appears on the slide.  If there is no Insert Chart icon on the slide, choose Insert tab on your Ribbon.  Choose the Chart option.  This will open an Insert Chart dialog box.
  • Decide on the chart category.
  • Choose a chart type and choose OK.  This will open an Excel window.
  • Type in data that you would like to illustrate with your chart.  When you have finished inputting the data, choose Close to exit the Excel window.