MCFRS Tech Training Refresher – Using PCAP for Officer Tasks

Certifying Personnel (Adding Certifications to Their Files)

  • Find the Admin Tasks menu (only available to officers and administrative users) and select
    Certify Staff.

menubar - Admin - Certify

  • Enter information in one or more search boxes and click the Search button. You may use an
    initial to broaden your search and you may also search only by rank if you prefer. Wide
    searches will produce longer lists; use the numbered page links at the bottom-right of the
    page to advance from one page to another.
  • Select the individual for whom you would like to add certifications and click the Next: Issue
    Certifications button.
  • Click the Enter New Certificate/License button to add a new entry to the list. If you
    would like to change an existing entry, click the Edit button in the appropriate row. To delete
    a certification, input an expiration date in the past for the individual row.
  • Select the appropriate certification from the certificate/license name drop-down list and input/change the related
    dates. By default, the issue date will be the date you input the new certification and you may
    change the entry to reflect the true date of certification.
  • Click the Insert button when you have finished the entry. It will be saved in the system and
    you may either logout (using the Logout button at the top-right of the screen) or move to
    another system task.