Customize Start Menu

Customizing the Start Menu

Windows 10 allows you to customize and make the Start menu your own.

Customizing tiles is easy:

  • Click and drag tiles to rearrange them on your Start menu
  • Right-click tile to unpin the tile from the Start menu altogether
  • Drag a tile all the way to the bottom of the menu, it’ll create a new category, which you can rename

You can change the size of the tile:

  • Right-click a tile to pick from four sizes—small, medium, wide, and large—each of which will show different amounts of information.


If you decide you don’t want a tile to show live info, but want to keep the shortcut, you can right-click it and choose “turn live tile off”.

To add a new tile:

  • Find the tile in the All Apps section
  • Choose Pin to Start