Author: Jeff Feiertag

Recording Meds That Are Not in Elite

Scenario: Your patient has a bottle of medicine that you need to record but one that is not in Elite. There’s no Other option in the drop-down list. How should you record it?

Click in the Other Medical History input box and add the medicine(s) there.

Other Medical History Input Box





Follow this up with e-mailing the name of the medicine(s) to Tim Burns ( and he will have the medicines added to the Current Medications drop-down list. Please double-check your spelling.

Identifying a Patient with No Phone Number

Scenario: Your patient has declined (however forcefully) to share his/her phone number with you and it’s a required field in Elite. What to do?

If you leave the field blank: You will lose five (5) points toward your completion total.

Elite Phone Number Warning




If you type all 9s (999-999-9999, consistent with the SSN approach): You will not lose any points toward your completion total but you will still get a validation error, which explains that is it preferable to get a valid phone number.

Elite Phone Number Warning






Reporting a Downgrade in Elite

Scenario: You are an ALS provider who needs to report a downgrade in Elite. The BLS provider has transported the patient in his/her ambulance and you intend to try to return to Station 8 without being dispatched. What do you need to report?

Ensure you are writing the report with the Unit/Call Sign as the ALS unit on the call.

Switch to the Call Info menu and Disposition tab to change the Primary Role of the Unit at the End of Incident  to Non-Transport-Other Reason and The Treatment & Transport Disposition field to Operational Support Provided – Patient Contact (if there was PT contact).Disposition Fields for a Downgrade in Elite




Leave the Patient Side Time blank. (Yes, it will be red, but it won’t trigger the additional validation rules this way.)

Remember, just as with the previous version of eMEDS, you still need to write a narrative to explain why you chose to downgrade the patient.


Fixing the “Initializing the Dashboard Resource Cache Manager” Error

Are you trying to log onto Elite but getting an error of Initializing the Dashboard Resource Cache Manager? Are you frustrated and ready to inflict damage on the unsuspecting hardware?

Please don’t hurt the computer. This is a simple fix in Google Chrome and a quick one, at that.

  • Press Ctrl-H on your keyboard. (This will bring up the browsing data/history.)
  • Find and click Clear Browsing Data link on the left side of the screen.

Clear Browsing Data Link



  • Make sure all of three items are checked (browsing history, cookies and cached images). They should be checked, by default.
  • Click the blue Clear Data button.
  • Ensure that you are in an area likely to get a good wireless connection.
  • Reboot the computer
  • Try logging in again.

Documenting Medication Taken Prior to Arrival

Scenario: Your cardiac patient took aspirin prior to your arrival and you need to document this.

Change to the Provider Actions menu and Medication tab and click the Add button.

Elite Medications Add Buttons





Fill in the necessary files. For the Crew Giving Medication field, use either Other Non-Healthcare Provider (for people unrelated to healthcare organizations) or Other Healthcare Provider (for doctors, nurses, hospital/urgent care personnel, etc).


















Identifying a Patient with No Social Security Number

Scenario: You have recorded 999-99-9999 for a patient’s social security number and Elite is flagging you with a red field.

Elite MR Number Validation Rule




What does this mean?

MCFRS now would like you to capture the patient’s medical record (MR) number whenever you transport and you are unable to obtain a valid social security number. The MR number is located on the patient’s wrist ID that hospital staff put on the patient.

Where to enter the MR number?

The CAD menu’s first screen shows the following (now required with the 999-99-9999 SSN) field:

Elite MR Number Needed





Click the Add button.

Select Hospital Medical Record Number – Receiving and input the number found on the patient’s wristband.

Elite MR Number Added







Filtering Out Priority 9 Calls

Want to filter out Priority 9 calls from the MDC screen? Try this:

  • Click the My Incident button in the top navigation.
  • Click Monitor in the left-hand navigation.
  • Click Filtered in the left-hand navigation and then the Filter button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the Status Monitor drop-down field arrow and select Monitor.
  • Click the box for Priority.
  • Click in the Operators field and select Less than.
  • Type in a Value of 9 (or check the box for 9, either is fine).
  • Click the Add button.
  • Click the Filter button.
  • Refresh the list whenever you need by clicking the Monitor button in the left-side navigation and then the Filtered button beneath it.

Scanning a Driver’s License for Your Patient Report

This TechTip could make a small part of your documentation easier. Take a minute to let that sink in — the technology provided to you for your job could be making that job a little easier. With Elite, you may scan a driver’s license for your patient report to fill in several Patient Info tab fields automatically.

The fine print: This works successfully with most drivers’ licenses but not every state has been checked.

The process:

Go to the Patient menu and the Patient Info tab but do not key in any information.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen (well, near the bottom); find and click the Driver’s License Strip/Barcode Scanner button.
Scan Driver's License Elite Button


Note the following pop-up dialog box that appears:
Elite Driver's License Button Dialog Box




Find and press the A2 button on the ePCR Toughbook, located below the gray bar below the screen.

Toughbook A2 Button






Find the red laser beam that will come shooting out of the top of the Toughbook. (Warning: No matter how excited you are by this, do not aim it into the eyes of your rookie.)

Find the barcode on the back of the driver’s license. Here is an example:
Elite Driver's License Barcode




Hold the patient’s driver’s license so that the barcode (on the back of the license) makes contact with the red beam. If/when the scan is successful, you should her a zap sound and see a dialog box with a bunch of form fields filled in (complete with the patient’s information).

Elite Driver's License Data in Form










Click the OK button and verify that the information now appears in the related Elite fields.

Note: Please remember to give the driver’s license back to your patient.

Identifying the Paramedic on a Formerly BLS Call

Scenario: What you thought was a patient with the worst hangnail of his life and a basic BLS call has quickly morphed into a higher-level ALS call. The paramedic arrives onscene and takes over the call. It is important to remember that the patient report should show the paramedic as the primary (and only primary) caregiver.

Why is this necessary? Among other reasons, only paramedics have access to the ALS-related medications and procedures in Elite. Also, if (s)he is listed as the primary caregiver, no one will need to change the provider name in the Crew Member field.

Meanwhile (unlike the original eMEDS), Elite now has a validation rule (#1363) that will flag the Crew Members field (Crew tab) as red if an ALS provider is listed with the crew but not as the primary patient caregiver.