Fixing Your Browser to Run Hydrant/System Reports

Trying to run the Hydrant/System reports from Quicklinks but your browser isn’t cooperating? Similar to the fix for MCtime, try this:

  • Expand the Operations Division menu on Quicklinks.
  • Click Hydrant/System Reports and bypass the county pop-up warning or wait for it to close automatically.
  • Note whether the reports window loads properly or fails. If the latter, proceed with the following:
  • Click the Settings Gear icon in the upper-right corner (or press Alt-T on your keyboard to access the Tools menu in Internet Explorer).
    IE Settings Gear Icon


  • Choose Compatibility View Settings from the list.
  • Note that frsdata13 should appear in the top box; this is the name of the report server.
  • Click the Add button. The name of the report server should move to the lower box, where it will either be alone or join, the necessary addition to run MCtime.
  • Click the Close button and the report window should load properly.

    IE Compatibility View Settings Dialog Box