Conducting a Phone Call with a Contact from the Chat Window

Need to have a phone call with one of your contacts? Teams enables you to use your computer for voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone calls and a real advantage tot his approach is the ability to hare your desktop and show the other person your document while you work on it. The speakers and microphone on your computer must be enabled for this to work (and the same goes for the other contact’s computer).

Switch to the Chat section of Teams

Chat button



Locate the person i your contacts list you would like to call.

Find and click the phone icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Teams will call the individual.

Phone Icon



Note: While Teams is making the call, most of the screen will be filled with the contact’s avatar or initials. Also, a floating navigation bar for the call will appear near the bottom of the screen:

Call Navigation




  • The camera button (with a slash through it) indicates this is not a video call and the web camera is not in use (if you have one).
  • The microphone hows your microphone is enabled. Click it to mute at any time.
  • The button resembling a monitor with an arrow (which would be enabled, once the call is answered) will enable you to share your desktop with the contact for the call.
  • The red phone button enables you to end the call.

Starting a Text Chat with a Contact

Teams offers a text chat/instant messaging feature and the process is simple:

Switch to the Chat section in the left-side navigation.

Chat button



Click once on the contact of your choice to select the correct person. Note the colored circle at the bottom-right of the person’s avatar (or initials), located to the left of his/her name.

Contact Name



  • Green: Available
  • Yellow: Be Right Back/Appear Away
  • Red: Busy/Do Not Disturb

Find and click in the chat text box at the bottom of the screen.

Chat Text Box



Type your message and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Wait for a reply and type in this same box. The text thread will appear in the main window.


Setting up Contacts in Teams

New to Teams? In adding contacts of people, you may want to consider grouping them. For example, maybe you want to lump all of the people in your section together, while you have another for a different section entirely.

Click the Chat icon in the left-side navigation.
Chat button



Find and click the Create a new contact group button at the bottom of the screen, on the left side of the window.
Teams Create New Group Button


Type in the name of the group (e.g., FRS HR) and click the Create button.

Find and click the group header you just created. Now, it’s time to find and add people to the group.

Click the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of the group name.

Choose Add a contact to this group.

Teams Add a Contact



Input the name of your colleague and click the Add button.Teams Add a Contact






Repeat the last few steps to add more people.