Locating the Pay Differentials on Your Payslip

Want to know if you are receiving a pay differential? The table below shows the possible differentials. Please direct any questions through your chain of command.

MCFRS Pay Differentials

Note: Each pay differential will show up on your payslip as a separate line item.
Assignment PayPay Differential CodePay Differential Amount
ECCPay Diff FH$5,050
EMT-P (0-4 years)Pay Diff FK$6,080
EMT-P (5-8 years)Pay Diff FL$7,391
EMT-P (8+ years)Pay Diff FM$8,701
FEI - InvestigationsPay Diff FF$2,037
HazmatPay Diff FE$2,037
RRATSPay Diff FR$2,037
TRTPay Diff FQ$2,037
Compresser TechPay Diff FX$2,037
Meter TechPay Diff FW$2,037
SCBAPay Diff FG$2,037
Scheduling - Back-UpPay Diff FT$500
Scheduling - PrimaryPay Diff FS$2,037
Station Commander PayPay Diff FC$3,087