Noting the Different Response Dispatches for PICs on Limited Access Highways (Such as I-270 and I-495)

Thanks to a new upgrade in CAD, response dispatches for PICs on limited access highways (such as I-270 and I-495) are different and more user-friendly. The alt-lane dummy unit is a thing of the past and in its place will be an alternate lane marker that follows the units assigned to the alternate (opposite) assignment, such as A703 (ALT). This will be seen on the CAD and MDCs.

Moving forward, we have two different dispatches for units; you’ll just receive one but which one will determine where you should go. To reiterate: Just go where you’re dispatched (which is the text in red).

Scenario: There’s been a PIC on southbound 270 between 28 and Montrose Road.

The primary unit(s) will see this:

MDC Screen








The alternate unit(s) will see this:

MDC Screen








Also: 270’s commonplace names have been updated to include express lanes and local lanes (to match highway signage).