Installing the MFA App on a New iPhone

Did you use the county’s app for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and then found it didn’t work when you migrated to a new phone? Here are the directions to get it working again for you.

Note: County Apple redeem codes are tied to your Apple ID, so please do not attempt to install the AccessMCG MFA app on a device with a different Apple ID.

Launch the App Store on your new phone.

Tap the account profile, either a silhouette or your picture in a small circle at the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap Purchased to access a list of apps you have purchased/downloaded.

Scroll to the AccessMCG MFA app in the list and tap the download button to the right of the app name.

Wait for the device to finish downloading and installing the app.

Launch the AccessMCG MFA app on your device.

Going to ePortal (via Quicklinks) and click the My Account button. Log in thereafter and complete the activation.

Finding Mail in Your Folders on Your Phone

Scenario: You set up your e-mail account on your phone, complete with several sub-folders. When you go into those folders on your phone, the folders are empty! (Feel free to insert dramatic background music here in your own mind.)

What happened?!

The phone is set up to sync only a certain date range of mail. The mail you’re hoping to see in folders is probably older than the sync range.

To change this:

  • Access your e-mail account settings on your phone.
  • Find Mail Days to Sync (iPhone) or Days of Mail to Sync (Android).
  • Change to something more fitting to your needs.