Common Questions

Recording Meds That Are Not in Elite

Scenario: Your patient has a bottle of medicine that you need to record but one that is not in Elite. There’s no Other option in the drop-down list. How should you record it?

Click in the Other Medical History input box and add the medicine(s) there.

Other Medical History Input Box





Follow this up with e-mailing the name of the medicine(s) to Tim Burns ( and he will have the medicines added to the Current Medications drop-down list. Please double-check your spelling.

Reporting a Downgrade in Elite

Scenario: You are an ALS provider who needs to report a downgrade in Elite. The BLS provider has transported the patient in his/her ambulance and you intend to try to return to Station 8 without being dispatched. What do you need to report?

Ensure you are writing the report with the Unit/Call Sign as the ALS unit on the call.

Switch to the Call Info menu and Disposition tab to change the Primary Role of the Unit at the End of Incident  to Non-Transport-Other Reason and The Treatment & Transport Disposition field to Operational Support Provided – Patient Contact (if there was PT contact).Disposition Fields for a Downgrade in Elite




Leave the Patient Side Time blank. (Yes, it will be red, but it won’t trigger the additional validation rules this way.)

Remember, just as with the previous version of eMEDS, you still need to write a narrative to explain why you chose to downgrade the patient.


Fixing the “Initializing the Dashboard Resource Cache Manager” Error

Are you trying to log onto Elite but getting an error of Initializing the Dashboard Resource Cache Manager? Are you frustrated and ready to inflict damage on the unsuspecting hardware?

Please don’t hurt the computer. This is a simple fix in Google Chrome and a quick one, at that.

  • Press Ctrl-H on your keyboard. (This will bring up the browsing data/history.)
  • Find and click Clear Browsing Data link on the left side of the screen.

Clear Browsing Data Link



  • Make sure all of three items are checked (browsing history, cookies and cached images). They should be checked, by default.
  • Click the blue Clear Data button.
  • Ensure that you are in an area likely to get a good wireless connection.
  • Reboot the computer
  • Try logging in again.

Documenting Medication Taken Prior to Arrival

Scenario: Your cardiac patient took aspirin prior to your arrival and you need to document this.

Change to the Provider Actions menu and Medication tab and click the Add button.

Elite Medications Add Buttons





Fill in the necessary files. For the Crew Giving Medication field, use either Other Non-Healthcare Provider (for people unrelated to healthcare organizations) or Other Healthcare Provider (for doctors, nurses, hospital/urgent care personnel, etc).


















Identifying a Patient with No Social Security Number

Scenario: You have recorded 999-99-9999 for a patient’s social security number and Elite is flagging you with a red field.

Elite MR Number Validation Rule




What does this mean?

MCFRS now would like you to capture the patient’s medical record (MR) number whenever you transport and you are unable to obtain a valid social security number. The MR number is located on the patient’s wrist ID that hospital staff put on the patient.

Where to enter the MR number?

The CAD menu’s first screen shows the following (now required with the 999-99-9999 SSN) field:

Elite MR Number Needed





Click the Add button.

Select Hospital Medical Record Number – Receiving and input the number found on the patient’s wristband.

Elite MR Number Added







Viewing Only Certain Priority Incidents on the P1 Incidents List

The P1 MDC Incidents list can be long. Suppose you want to see only the incidents of priority 4 and lower (as the list goes up to priority nine).

  • Click the Incident button on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the Filter button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Check the Priority box.
  • Set the Operator as Less than or Equal to and input a Value of 4.
  • Click the Add button and then the Filter button.

Note: The filtered list you created is a snapshot and will not update the main list.

Sending a Message to ECC via P1 MDC

Need to contact someone at ECC while you are on an incident? No need to remember any workstations or who’s who with P1 MDC!

  • Go to the Mail feature, click the New button at the bottom of the screen and choose Message.
  • Click the To button to select a message recipient.
  • Choose My Dispatcher, which should be located at the top of the list.
  • Click the right arrow/triangle button to address the message to My Dispatcher.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Fill in the message as needed and click the Send button at the bottom of the screen.

Note from the ECC leadership: The My Dispatcher address goes to all at ECC.  For our own procedures, we do not want messages targeting individuals, as was the standard in the previous CAD.

Finding a Preplan When Not on an Incident

Preplans are listed in the premise/hazards section. If we’re not talking about a building related to a particular incident, you can use the Prem/Haz feature to search by whatever location/address you like. (If it is while on an incident, just click the Prem/Haz button the left side of the screen when you have the individual incident loaded in front of you).

  • Click the Prem/Haz button on the right side of the screen.
  • Key in the address and click the Verify button.
  • Change the agency from F to All (which includes C and F – I believe that preplans are related to C, which stands for Communications or ECC).
  • Double-tap the preplan when it comes up in the resulting list.