Common Questions

Answering Some 800 MHz Radio (Model 8000) Questions

With the May 2023 rollout of the model 8000 radio, some field personnel have been asking questions. Here are answers to the common questions:

  • The Wi-Fi symbol will be starting to appear on radios as the Wi-Fi system is turned on at stations.  It is the symbol above the C in MCFRS and below the scan symbol. The only purpose of the Wi-Fi is for radio programming. (No, you cannot connect your phone to the radio and surf the web.)

    800 MHz Portable Radio Model 8000 Interface

  • The satellite symbol between the Bluetooth and H indicates GPS lock. If it is flashing, it does NOT have GPS reception like when in a building.
  • The H indicates the channel or talkgroup is transmitting in high power. There are some channels by regulation that must transmit in low power and those will display an L.
  • The 3 dot button on the face of the new RSMs is unused right now and does nothing

Avoiding Losing Your MDC Touchpad

With a common keystroke mistake, MDC users (with the Panasonic FZ-55) are disabling their touchpads while trying to lower screen brightness. If this happens to you, press the FN and ESC keys.

  • Fn-Esc is a toggle to turn off and on the touchpad.
  • Fn-F1 reduces the brightness.
  • Fn-F2 increases the brightness.

There is no way for MCFRS IT to disable the Fn-Esc toggle, so you are advised to try this keystroke if you suddenly lose your touchpad capabilities.

MDC Esc and F1 keys

800 MHz Radio Model 8000 FAQ

In 2023, the 800 MHz Radio Model APX8000XE will replace the APX6000XE and APX7000XE portable radios. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and information you need to know.

What is new about the 8000 portable radio?

  • All users — regardless of riding position — will now have access to VHF resources (e.g., 7V1, 7V2, etc.) and UHF backup med channels. As such, there will be no difference between the officer and firefighter radios.
  • New UHF zones: EMRC, MA41 and MA42
  • DC fire zones are updated. While that doesn’t match the rest of the fleet, differences do not affect fireground talkgroups.
  • You will receive a new remote speaker microphone. While it looks a lot like the previous model, the new version has better audio capability and does a better job of suppressing extraneous background noise.

Is there a new fleetmap?

How will I know which radio I have?

  • Model 6000 and 7000 radios each have a white sticker with black printing to identify the radio.
    Old Radio Sticker
  • Model 8000 radios each have a black sticker with white printing to identify the radio.
    New radio sticker

What about the batteries — are they different?

  • Model 6000 and 7000 batteries are each black with a green dot on the bottom, and a white label with green printing.
    Old battery bottomOld battery side
  • Model 8000 batteries are each white on the bottom and a black/white label.
    New batter bottomNew battery side
  • The model 8000 battery’s capacity is greater than the old battery’s capacity.
  • The model 8000 battery is intrinsically safe, rated through UL (Underwriter Laboratories).
  • The old batteries with the green dots are not compatible with the new radios and will need to be returned to TechOps once your station’s radios have been replaced.
  • Note: If you use the wrong battery in the model 8000 radio, you will get a message that you are using the wrong battery.

Are the Station Battery Multi-Unit Chargers (MUCs) different?

  • Model 6000 and 7000 chargers looked like this:
    Old radio gang charger
  • Model 8000 chargers look like this:
    New radio gang charger
  • If you come across an older style charger, please submit a TSR for radio equipment with the location of the old charger and a good point of contact to assist us in swapping it out.

What’s the plan for deployment?

  • We will swap out whole battalions at a time.
  • This is a one-for-one swap as the old and new radio IDs for the riding positions must match.
  • As we swap out radios by battalion, the loaners in the BC vehicles will be changed. If you get loaners from BCs other than your home battalion BC, they may have different radios/batteries than yours. Please get a loaner from your home battalion.
  • Volunteers will be asked to have their portable radios at their respective stations when those stations are scheduled for radio swap. People failing to switch out radios in a reasonable timeframe will have their radios turned off. Please do your part and, if you are unable to meet the exact timeframes, please communicate with Tech Ops.

How do I find out more information?

  • If you have specific questions, please submit a TSR and someone from Tech Ops will follow up with you.



Marking a Sender as Safe in Outlook Web (OWA)

Do you get an e-mail message from someone and see that it has been going to Spam/Junk? Would you prefer to have it stay in your inbox? We need to mark the sender as safe. While there are multiple ways, here is one:

  • Find the message from someone you would like to mark as safe.
  • Find the e-mail address in the message preview and drag your mouse over it to select the full address.
  • Copy the address (or write it down with pen and paper for later recall).
  • Find and click the Settings button, located at the top-right corner of the screen.

    Outlook Settings Cog

  • Type the word block in the settings input box and then click the Blocked Senders and Domains search result that appears.

    OWA Junk Block Search

  • Find the section called Safe Senders and Domains and click the + Add button. An input box will appear.
  • Paste the address you copied earlier (or type it manually, if you simply wrote it down).
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom-right corner of the window.

Getting Started with a New County Account

Were you just assigned a new MCG account? The following TechTips/links may help you:

If you have any questions or need troubleshooting, please submit a Technology Service Request (TSR) and someone from FRS Technology will contact you.

Adding an Alternate E-Mail Address or Cell Number for MFA

Do you prefer not to use your MFA key fob when you need to access county e-mail or ePortal? You may opt to use a personal e-mail address or cell number to receive a multi-factor authentication code.

  • Log into ePortal.
  • Hover over the words AccessMCG Self-Service, located at the top-right corner of the screen.
    AccessMCG Menu Link
  • Choose Manage Account.
  • Log into ePortal again, as prompted.
  • Find and click Setup Alternate Phone/Email/App Contacts.
    MFA Option to Add E-Mail or Phone
  • Input an MFA code, if you receive one to an existing (pre-setup) location.
  • Add your personal e-mail address and/or cell phone number. When you add one, click the Save button and input the code that is sent to that location, to finalize the connection between ePortal and the account/device.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Click the Logout link at the bottom of the list of links.

Viewing SeamlessDocs Submission Attachments

Did you receive a SeamlessDocs message, indicating you need to approve a form which may have some attachments? Would you like to view those attachments to determine if you should sign?

  • Receive the e-mail, requesting your signature and click the Sign Document link or button, as directed in the message.
  • Wait for the browser to load your form.
  • Click the paper clip (attachments) icon.
    Paper Clip icon for Attachments
  • Note that the Upload Attachments window appears. It is nearly identical for someone who needs to attach a file as it is for someone who needs to review a file.
    SeamlessDocs Upload Attachment Dialog Box
  • Click the link labeled Click Here to View (as opposed to Click Here to Upload). The file will either open in a new tab or download to your default download folder (typically the Downloads folder).

Choosing the Right TSR Category

Trying to determine which TSR category fits your help request? Here is a handy guide to get you started. This post will be updated over time. As a reminder, TEBS has recently reorganized a number of key teams and as a result you are reminded that all IT requests should be routed through TSR and the MCFRS Technology Section.

CategoryWhat is Covers
Apparatus HeadsetApparatus Headset
Applications/Software - InstalledSoftware not working correctly, request for new software or license, etc.
Applications/Software - Mobile AppsMobile apps for phones or tablets (Handtevy and PSTrax)
Applications/Software - SW Purchase RequestRequest to buy new software or update an existing license
Applications/Software - Web-BasedBatt Lineup, DOC Log, MCtime, PCAP, PIMS, WPM, etc.
Arbitrator CamerasArbitrator Cameras
Cable TV ServiceCable TV Service
CAD System & Hardware (Including CAD Mapping and ECC Phones)CAD (ECC and Field), CAD Mapping, ECC Phones, etc.
Data Systems & RequestsData Warehouse, data reports, data mining, response data requests, etc.
Detectors/MetersDetectors/Gas Meters
Email ServicesOutlook accounts (existing and new requests), distribution lists, groups, etc.
ePCR System & HardwareePCR/Elite system, software and hardware, etc.
Fire Station AlertingFire Station Alerting
Fire Station AudioFire Station Audio
FireApp (or other RMS Issues)FireApp server, software and hardware
FirstNet Subscriber PayFirstNet Subscriber Pay
GPS SystemsGPS Systems
Meeting Video Recording RequestRequest to record a Teams, Google or Zoom meeting
Messaging (Active911, MCEN, CMsg)Messaging (Active911, MCEN, CMsg)
Mobile Data (MDC)MDC software and hardware
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)MFA conection problems, requests for key fobs (activate and deactivate)
Network Systems (Including network drives & VPN access)Network drives, connectivity problems, VPN (access issues and new account requests)
Phone Number UpdatesUpdate your desk or cell phone number in the centralized list
Radio Consoles (ECC)Radio Consoles (ECC)
Radio System InfrastructureRadio System Infrastructure
Radios and EquipmentPortable and mobile radios, speaker mics, DVRS issues, etc.
Technology HardwareDesktop computer issues, peripherals (monitor, printer, webcam, etc.)
Technology Training Site & Tracking SubsitesSystem access, transcript problems, training data tracking, etc.
Telecomm Services & HardwareDesk phones, cell phones, SONIM phones, etc.
TeleStaff System & HardwareTeleStaff System & Hardware
Tone Alert PagersTone Alert Pagers
Web-Based FormsChanges to existing web forms (Jotform, SeamlessDocs, etc.), new form requests, access to forms
Website Changes & IssuesWebsite edit requests