Using Outlook Calendar to Schedule an Appointment

To Schedule an Appointment Using the Outlook Calendar:

  • Choose Calendar on the Navigation Bar on the bottom of the screen .
  • Choose the date for your appointment.
  • Choose the New Appointment option on the Ribbon to display an Appointment Window.
  • Fill in details in the Appointment Window including name, start time, end time, reminder setting, notes, etc.
  • Choose the Recurrence button on the Ribbon if your appointment will occur regularly
  • Choose the Save & Close on the Ribbon.

Outlook will show the appointment on the calendar.  If you would like to view the details of the appointment, use the mouse to double click on the appointment.

Finding Office 365 Applications

Have you logged into Outlook 365 (e-mail) and can’t find your calendar? Wondering how to access other Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

Calendar and OneDrive used to be on the right side of the title bar but they have moved.

Find and click the Office 365 icon consisting of nine squares in one square (as shown on the left side of the graphic below).

365 Icon

At that point, you will see all of your Office 365 applications available in a small menu. Click the tile for the application of your choice.

Note: DTS is preparing materials for people to see the basics of the Office 365 applications with a target date of June 2015 (when Office XP is removed from county computers). MCFRS Tech Training is also preparing some materials that should offer more detail, to be available in the spring of 2015.