Choosing the Right TSR Category

Trying to determine which TSR category fits your help request? Here is a handy guide to get you started. This post will be updated over time. As a reminder, TEBS has recently reorganized a number of key teams and as a result you are reminded that all IT requests should be routed through TSR and the MCFRS Technology Section.

CategoryWhat is Covers
Apparatus HeadsetApparatus Headset
Applications/Software - InstalledSoftware not working correctly, request for new software or license, etc.
Applications/Software - Mobile AppsMobile apps for phones or tablets (Handtevy and PSTrax)
Applications/Software - SW Purchase RequestRequest to buy new software or update an existing license
Applications/Software - Web-BasedBatt Lineup, DOC Log, MCtime, PCAP, PIMS, WPM, etc.
Arbitrator CamerasArbitrator Cameras
Cable TV ServiceCable TV Service
CAD System & Hardware (Including CAD Mapping and ECC Phones)CAD (ECC and Field), CAD Mapping, ECC Phones, etc.
Data Systems & RequestsData Warehouse, data reports, data mining, response data requests, etc.
Detectors/MetersDetectors/Gas Meters
Email ServicesOutlook accounts (existing and new requests), distribution lists, groups, etc.
ePCR System & HardwareePCR/Elite system, software and hardware, etc.
Fire Station AlertingFire Station Alerting
Fire Station AudioFire Station Audio
FireApp (or other RMS Issues)FireApp server, software and hardware
FirstNet Subscriber PayFirstNet Subscriber Pay
GPS SystemsGPS Systems
Meeting Video Recording RequestRequest to record a Teams, Google or Zoom meeting
Messaging (Active911, MCEN, CMsg)Messaging (Active911, MCEN, CMsg)
Mobile Data (MDC)MDC software and hardware
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)MFA conection problems, requests for key fobs (activate and deactivate)
Network Systems (Including network drives & VPN access)Network drives, connectivity problems, VPN (access issues and new account requests)
Phone Number UpdatesUpdate your desk or cell phone number in the centralized list
Radio Consoles (ECC)Radio Consoles (ECC)
Radio System InfrastructureRadio System Infrastructure
Radios and EquipmentPortable and mobile radios, speaker mics, DVRS issues, etc.
Station Video CamerasStation Video Cameras
Technology HardwareDesktop computer issues, peripherals (monitor, printer, webcam, etc.)
Technology Training Site & Tracking SubsitesSystem access, transcript problems, training data tracking, etc.
Telecomm Services & HardwareDesk phones, cell phones, SONIM phones, etc.
TeleStaff System & HardwareTeleStaff System & Hardware
Tone Alert PagersTone Alert Pagers
Web-Based FormsChanges to existing web forms (Jotform, SeamlessDocs, etc.), new form requests, access to forms
Website Changes & IssuesWebsite edit requests