Updating Your VPN Terminal Session

Have a new computer? Do you use like to use your VPN to connect to your computer? Here are the basics to change things to keep you running smoothly.

  • Get computer name. In case you don’t know how to do this:
    • Click the Windows Start button.
    • Right-click Computer.
    • Choose Properties.
    • Find Computer Name about 3/4 down the screen.
    • Write down the computer name because you will need it in a few minutes. It will consist of 11(ish) characters and the first three will be FRS.
    • Close the properties window.
  • Go to https://secure.montgomerycountymd.gov and log in (as you are used to doing).
  • Find the Terminal Sessions section.
  • Go to Item Properties of the terminal session that is saved for your (old) computer.
  • Change the Host for your computer. It will be the 11(ish) character name you wrote down earlier, followed by .mcgov.org (which should likely be there already).
  • Click the Save Changes