Locating the Pay Differentials on Your Payslip

Want to know if you are receiving a pay differential? The table below shows the possible differentials. Please direct any questions through your chain of command.

MCFRS Pay Differentials

Note: Each pay differential will show up on your payslip as a separate line item.
Assignment PayPay Differential CodePay Differential Amount
ECCPay Diff FH$5,050
EMT-P (0-4 years)Pay Diff FK$6,080
EMT-P (5-8 years)Pay Diff FL$7,391
EMT-P (8+ years)Pay Diff FM$8,701
FEI - InvestigationsPay Diff FF$2,037
HazmatPay Diff FE$2,037
RRATSPay Diff FR$2,037
TRTPay Diff FQ$2,037
Compresser TechPay Diff FX$2,037
Meter TechPay Diff FW$2,037
SCBAPay Diff FG$2,037
Scheduling - Back-UpPay Diff FT$500
Scheduling - PrimaryPay Diff FS$2,037
Station Commander PayPay Diff FC$3,087

Sending Employment Verification

How to Pull Employment Verification

If you would like to receive a letter (or send one via e-mail to another party) to verify your employment, please follow the instructions below.

  • Choose Employee Self Service (ESS) and then click the blue Go To Employee Self Service button on the next screen.
  • Click to expand MCG HR Employee Self Service and then click Employment Verification from the menu that appears.
  • Determine what details to share:
  • Employment Information (includes personal information, assignment and period of service details)
  • Employment and Salary Information (includes personal information, assignment, period of service and salary details)

    Note: The verification will only show the employee’s base salary.  If the employee has overtime, pay differentials, lump sum awards, longevity, etc., the employee will need to provide the requester with copies of payslips, W-2s, etc.

  • Fill in the Recipient Information section.
  • To: Type the e-mail address where you would like the link to the information sent.
  • Reply To: Note that your county e-mail address will load automatically.
  • Expires In: Type the number of days would like the link to remain active.
  • Visits: Type the number of times you would like the link to be used in total.

Note: The link will expire when the expiration date has been reached or the total number of visits has been reached, whichever comes first.

  • Click the Continue button.

Note: The next screen will show you the information that will be provided to the recipient.

  • Click the Submit button, found at the lower-right corner of the page.

Note: On the following screen, you may get a warning message, asking you if you want to release the information to the e-mail address listed. This serves as one final form of verification since the information may be sensitive. Click the Yes button if you would still like to proceed.

  • Click the logout link at the top-right corner of the screen once you see the conformation message which tells you the link has been sent.


Online Payslip Description

The Online Pay Slip can be accessed through ESS (Employee Self Service) through the county’s eportal, Montgomery County, MD ‐ Employee Portal. This is a web based form. The slips will be available for review one day before payday.

The Header Section (1)

This Section displays the employee’s personal information, such as Name, Address, Hire date, Assignment Number, as well as Job and Position within the County.

**When calling in about your record, please have your Employee Number readily available. This is the Identification number being used instead of your Social Security number for security purposes. **

There is also the ability to navigate to other pay slips as the history is available, by clicking the drop down arrow in the “Choose a Payslip” field, from check date 1/14/2011 going forward.

The “Pay Period and Salary” Section (2)

This section outlines the period in which the advice is reported for.

The “Summary” Section (3)

This section reflects a quick synopsis of the employee’s gross‐ net‐pay, the deductions are broken down by three categories, Pre‐tax, Taxes, and Deductions, or post‐tax, then finally the net pay amount.

The “Hours and Earnings” Section (4)

This section outlines the different hour types and the pay related to each element. The descriptions have changed some and there are new line items for any Pay Differentials and/or Longevity. Please refer to the resource document on the web, Transform Montgomery County Government, labeled Earnings Reference and Deduction Reference for the Pay Statements. Previously, the pay slips reflected only the current hours and dollar amounts. The new pay slips also reflect the YTD (Year‐to‐date) totals for hours and dollar amounts.

The Deduction Section (5)

The Deduction section is broken down by the type.

Pre‐tax deductions generally are the Benefits type of deductions; Health Ins, Dental Ins, Prescription, Vision, Retirement, Flexcare Account deductions and Due County Pretax.

Post‐tax deductions are other voluntary and involuntary deductions; Life Insurance, Union dues, Disability, Wage Attachments, and Due county.

The Taxes section reflects the amount of required tax deductions for Federal and State. Please note that if an employee has elected to have an additional dollar amount deducted for Federal and/or State, that amount will be included in one line. Previously this was a separate line item. Similarly, Local Taxes will be included in the State Tax amount.

Previously, Credit Union was processed as a deduction and reflected as such. This will now be processed as a Direct Deposit and will be reflected in the Net Pay Distribution section. The Credit Union will be listed under Bank Name as MCEFCU Bank.

The Descriptions have also changed; FICA will now display as Social Security, and FICA Med will read as Medicare. Please see the Resources document for further details: Transform Montgomery County Government ‐ Payroll.

The Accruals display the leave balances. The Current column shows the amount of hours that have been accrued during the pay period. This section does not reflect the hours actually taken for the period, or any adjustments made as a correction.

The Tax Withholding Information Section (6)

This section displays the Tax Exemptions, and any additional amounts, that an employee has elected when they completed the Federal W‐4 and the State Form. Any future changes to this information can be made through the ESS (Employee Self Service) for employees who have an AD Account, or through the OHR Web page for the forms.

**Be aware that if an employee lives outside the State of Maryland, both states will be reflected in this section; the state of residence and the state of employment. Generally, it is the taxes for the state of residence that is deducted.

The Net Distribution Section (8)

This section displays the direct deposit information for the net pay of the pay slip. The account information only displays the last four (4) digits of the account. The Account Type is either S for Savings or C for Checking. The process to make any changes to direct deposit information remains the same. Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit it to the Payroll Department.

** Please note that the Credit Union will no longer be a deduction and will be treated as a direct deposit, which will be reflected in the section. The Credit Union will be listed under Bank Name as MCEFCU Bank.**

The TP Pay Distribution (9)

The final section is TP Pay Distribution. This section is not being used by Montgomery County. No information will display here.

Questions? Create a SHIP ticket or call the Help Desk (240‐777‐2828) and they will create a ticket for you.

Understanding Your Payslip


Recent changes in Oracle now mean that an employee’s differential pay will change, based upon his/her number of scheduled hours to work. Previous calculations were based upon 96 hours across the board, whereas the new calculation changes, relative to 72/96/120 hours.

Scenario A – 96-Hour Employee, No Differential, No MIS

The typical 96-hour employee with no MIS has a simple payslip.

Straight 96 Non-MIS and No Differential Hours Hourly Rate Total
Straight 96 Gross 96 21.093 $2024.96

Scenario B – 96-Hour Employee, Medic Differential

This example is calculated on an annual base salary for a Firefighter III, Step E, $52,649.

The Regular pay rate equals the yearly annual base salary divided by the number of yearly scheduled hours (2496). The total equals the Hourly Rate multiplied by the number of scheduled Hours Worked (72, 96 or 120).

The medic differential is listed separately (FM code). The hourly rate for the differential is derived by dividing the total differential ($7,951) by the total hours scheduled to work in a year (2496). Total equals the Hourly Rate ($3.185) multiplied by the number of scheduled Hours Worked (72, 96 or 120).

The examples below illustrate the 120, 96 and 72 hour pay cycles with the differential.

120 Cycle Hours Hourly Rate Total
Regular 120 21.093 $2531.16
Pay Diff FM 120 3.185 $382.20
Sub-Total before MIS Pay Back $2913.36
MIS Pay Back 24 24.279 -$582.70
120 Cycle Gross $2330.66


72 Cycle Hours Hourly Rate Total
Regular 72 21.093 $1518.70
MIS ADVANCE 24 24.279 $582.70
Pay Diff FM 72 3.185 $229.32
72 Cycle Gross $2330.72


96 Cycle Hours Hourly Rate Total
Regular 96 21.093 $2024.96
Pay Diff FM 96 3.185 $305.76
96 Cycle Gross $2330.69

Scenario C – Multiple Differentials

If you are someone who earns multiple differentials (e.g., medic and HazMat) in the same pay period, you will see the differentials listed separately on your payslip.

Please see the Payslip Codes PDF for a list of various line items which may appear on your payslip. Within the document, you will see a breakdown of what appeared on ePayAdvices prior to our implementation of the Oracle Payslip module.

Scenario D – Imputed Income

Some personnel have seen a new line item, Imputed Income. (On previous pay stubs, this was listed as Over 50K.) According to the payroll department, the IRS requires you to be taxed on the value of employer-provided group term life insurance over $50,000. The imputed income is provided to calculate your taxable gross and not your actual net pay.

Exploring Employee Self Service (ESS)

The HR Employee links give you access to things that have been available only through OHR and some that were previously available on the county intranet portal. Here is a breakdown of what is available to you now:

Personal Information Basic Details
Phone Numbers
Main Address
Emergency Contacts
Employees are responsible for updating their own information. (Note: This is your task; please do not call FRS OHR unless you are stuck.)
My Information Employment
Displays current salary, rank, etc.
Employee Appraisal Appraisals
Performance Management Plan Appraisals in Progress
Completed Appraisal
This section will be used beginning in June 2011.
Self-Service Benefits Updating Benefits for Dependents Used to update health benefits.
Payslip Payslips as of January 14, 2011 Info from previous pay periods is still available on-line via ePayAdvice.
Tax Forms Federal Tax Withholdings
State Tax Withholdings
View or modify tax withholding information.
Employee W-2 View and Print W-2 2010 W-2 forms are not available
Employment Verification Employment Information
Employment & Salary Information
Employment verification may be e-mailed to potential credit approvals, jobs, etc. (Note: This is your task; please do not call FRS OHR unless you are stuck.)
Total Compensation Gross Salary
Group Insurance Benefits
Savings and Retirement
Other Benefits
Access details of your total compensation.

Note: Remember to click the Logout link at the top-right corner when you have finished. For security and access reasons, never simply close the browser without logging out properly first.