Administrative Procedure

Starting a New IPPA Document without the Default Read-Only Limitation

Several officers have found that the IPPA documents found on Quicklinks are saved as read-only and then they have difficulty using (and editing) the documents. Here is your workaround:

  • Go to Quicklinks, expand the Human Resources Division menu and click the IPPA Forms and Documents link (or just click it here).
  • Find the rank-level evaluation you need on the right side of the page.
  • Click the link to download the file (likely saved to your Downloads folder). Alternatively, you may right-click the link and select (Save As…) to save the file in a specific place of your choice.
  • Go to the location of the saved document and double-click to open the document. Note the pop-up:
    Read Only Pop-Up
  • Click the No button to indicate you don’t want the document to be read-only.

Note: Some versions of Word will also prompt you with an Edit Document button near the top of the screen in the View tab. If you see that, click it.

Using the Lobby-Level Conference Room Projector at PSHQ

Getting the Remote Control

  • Open the double-doors that lead to the tech training suite and turn left. (Do not go into the tech training suite, itself.)
  • Proceed to the end of the hall and knock on the POL Technology door on the right. Wait for someone to answer the door.
  • Tell the person answering the door that you are with FRS and borrowing the conference room projector remote control.
  • Note the black bag hanging on the cube wall a few paces in front of you (and the clipboard to the side).
  • Take the black projector bag labeled Conference Room #1 / MCPD Tech. This has the remote and the cables you will need.
  • Sign your name where appropriate on the sign-out sheet.
  • Proceed to the conference room.
  • Take the projector remote control (you do not need the other one) and return to the conference room. Note the Projector label at the bottom.
    POL Projector Remote Control

Setting Up Your Laptop/Notebook

  • Place your laptop or notebook computer on the podium at the front of the room. Note the cords behind you – there is a blue network cable on the floor and also a black VGA cable (shown below).VGA Plug

    Note: If you prefer to use an HDMI cable and you know that your laptop or notebook has an HDMI port, the HDMI cable is coiled up to your side by the window (also on the floor) and there is an HDMI port on the wall beneath the VGA port.

    HDMI Plug

  • Plug both of the cords (VGA or HDMI, as well as the network cable for MCGOV) into your laptop or notebook. If you would like to use the speakers, you may plug in the audio cord on your computer that is attached to the VGA plug.Note: Do not use the VGA and network cables that are on the podium, itself. Those will not work.

Using the Remote Control

  • Press the On button at the top-left corner of the remote to turn the projector on and use it.
  • Press the Standby button at the top-left corner of the remote to turn the projector off when you are finished.
  • Remember to return the black bag and its contents to the proper cube in the POL Technology suite.